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Physical Deterrents

Make it so that birds cannot land on a surface.  They are ideal for use on rooftops, ledges, window sills, and other flat areas that birds are a problem.


  1. Plastic Bird Spikes
  2. Stainless Bird Spikes
  3. Gutter Spikes
  4. Bird Spider
  5. Bird Netting
  6. Bird Screening
  7. Solar Shock Trap Repellent
  8. Bird Slope

Sound Deterrents

scare birds away with loud or startling sounds.


  1. Bird Chase Supersonic
  2. Goose-B-Gone Supersonic
  3. Screeching Owls
  4. The Scare Crow
  5. Mini Scare Crow


are a chemical means of getting rid of pest birds.

  1. Transparent Bird Gel
  2. Transparent Bird Repellent
  3. Goose Repellent

Visual Repellents

create an optical illusion that scares the birds from the area.  They are ideal for use in trees, hanging from eaves of homes and on boats.


  1. Screeching Owls
  2. Woodpecker Kit
  3. Bird-B-Gone Hawk
  4. Bird-B-Gone Balloon
  5. Flash Tape
  6. Bird-B-Gone Diverter
  7. Window Alerts
  8. Coyote Decoy
  9. Bird Alerts

Other Methods

  1. Humane Live Traps
  2. Flock Dispersal Program
  3. Copper Mesh
  4. Disinfectant and Pressure wash areas

Visual repellents can be effective in getting rid of pigeons. This includes screeching owls, flash tape, window alerts, coyote decoys, and several more options. These create an optical illusion that scares the birds from the area. They are ideal to use in trees, eaves of homes, and on boats.

Other methods include humane live traps that will not kill the birds, flock dispersal programs, copper mesh, and disinfectant or pressure washing areas. Talk with us so that we can work together and decide which method would work best for you.

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