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Information about pigeons and removal

Q: If you think you have a possible pigeon problem, where do you start?

A: If you believe you may have a pigeon problem, it may be difficult to identify the full extent of the problem without getting on your roof. You may be seeing pigeon droppings or pigeons roosting on a ledge of your home. If so, it would be best to call a licensed pest control company specializing in pigeon control. Rather than risking the many dangers of handling pigeon droppings or attempting to access unstable areas, we suggest contacting an expert in the field. Many reputable pigeon control companies will offer a free consultation and estimate. They are capable of analyzing the extent of your problem, making suggestions for the proper removal and control of the problem, or appropriately judging if you have a problem at all.

Q: I have a lot of pigeon droppings. Can’t I just clean them up myself?

A: It is definitely not recommended. Pigeon droppings carry over 60 different diseases that can be very harmful to humans and pets. These diseases can be easily spread through either breathing microscopic spores or through direct contact. Consequently, the appropriate bio-hazard safety equipment is highly recommended. You should call a professional, and The Pigeon Specialists has all of the proper safety equipment and procedures necessary for the removal of bird waste, such as bird droppings and nesting material.

Q: Where do the pigeons live?

A: The Feral Pigeon is a non-migratory bird that lives in one location all of its life, eats anything it can find, and nests in sheltered areas like roof-tops, eaves, under air conditioning units and on structures with over-hanging roof lines. Unfortunately without proper control methods, once they decide to infest your home, they are probably there for life.

Q: Why do we have pigeon problems?

A: The urban environment, your home, provides ideal accommodations for pigeons, mainly because of a plentiful food supply, made to order shelter and harborage, and a lack of natural enemies. Due to these ideal conditions, this species of pests can grow at alarming rates and cause incredible amounts of property damage and health hazards.

Q: Why do we need pigeon control? Are pigeons dangerous?

A: When left untreated, pigeons begin to pose a problem to properties and public heath as particulate matter from droppings becomes excessive. A moderate-sized flock can produce a significant amount of hazardous waste over time. Properties with pest bird issues should be addressed immediately to maintain public health and safety. Besides the concerns of disease, other concerns include potential property damage. These problems may include roof tile or flashing corrosion or permanent staining of structures, clogged air conditioning units possibly causing air in-take contamination, blockage of rain gutters which can result in water damage and mold issues, and potential fire hazards from nesting materials near electrical equipment.

Q: What kind of diseases do pigeons carry?

A: Pigeons carry over 60 different bacterial diseases, viruses and funguses transmittable to humans and pets, which is probably why they are referred to as the “flying rat.” Bird nests and materials can also host parasites, like the common bird mite. Some of the diseases most commonly spread by pigeons include Salmonella, Meningitis, West Nile Virus, Ecoli, Avian Flu (H5N1), and Histoplasmosis – just to name a few. A lot of information is available on the internet, or visit the following government website.

Q: Are pigeons protected by Federal Law?

A: Most birds are protected by Federal Law; however, urban pigeons are considered unprotected feral birds. The main reasons that pigeons are not protected are that they transmit diseases, contaminate food, and carry ectoparasites.

Q: Do scare tactics like balloons and plastic owls actually work?

A: Scare devises generally are only a short-term solution. While they may seem to be effective initially, over time birds soon realize that the plastic owl does not move or threaten them in any way. In time, we find that the birds will actually land on the owl. Consequently, it is recommended that a permanent solution be implemented.

Q: What should I look for in choosing a pigeon control company?

A: Service, knowledge and experience are important qualities to look for in choosing a pigeon control company. We recommend using only a licensed, bonded and insured company that specializes in pigeon problems. Most reputable companies will offer free consultations and estimates, as well as guaranteed pigeon exclusion and removal.

Q: What are the different options available for controlling the pigeon problem, and how much will it cost?

A: There are many options available for pigeon problem treatment, and the recommended treatment will depend on the extent of the problem, location of the problem, financial resources and accessibility to the problem areas. The most common methods of pigeon control include pest bird exclusion, pest bird trapping, and baiting or flock dispersal programs. It is highly recommended that prior to implementing any bird control methods, a proper cleanup and disinfection of all infected areas is performed by a trained technician. Furthermore, a proper cleaning will also eliminate the pheromones found in pigeon feces which tend to attract other pigeon flocks to re-infest the site. Most companies and customers tend to prefer Exclusion services due to the permanent success rate and cost effectiveness.

We provide guaranteed results for our bird control work at fair prices. When considering the cleaning costs to remove bird droppings and health and safety hazards, the cost of bird abatement is very reasonable. In addition, it is important to call at the first sign of a problem, as the cost will increase if left untreated for months or years. Most importantly, The Pigeon Specialists offers free consultations and estimates, in which we can normally offer alternative techniques which are effective, yet work within your budget.

Q: Do you offer humane methods to get rid of the pigeons?

A: Many customers want to get rid of pest birds, but ask if it can be done without killing them. With our knowledge of the natural instincts of the feral pigeon, we can effectively interface with their basic biological needs, and subsequently use humane, deterrent products to rid them from a particular area.

Q: I’ve heard of spreading sticky gels to stop the pigeons from migrating to a particular area. Does this work?

A: Sticky gels have been used in the bird control industry for approximately 20 years, but we do not generally recommend the use of them. While sticky gels have been somewhat effective, they have not proven to be a preferred method over time. These gels are very sticky and are hard to remove if desired. Also, dust, pollution and other airborne matter may stick to it over time causing the material to turn black and unsightly, in addition to losing its sticking properties and effectiveness. Gels also have the tendency to drip off of ledges when the weather turns hot. Finally, smaller birds sometimes find themselves trapped in the gel, causing a slow and inhumane death. While The Pigeon Specialists offers the option of selling the gel method, we believe that other humane and longer-lasting deterrent products can be installed for more effectiveness.

Q: Is work normally guaranteed? How long is the guarantee?

A: In general guarantees range from two to five years, depending on the services and products provided. There are “product and workmanship” guarantees, as well as “results” guarantees. Product and workmanship guarantees normally cover the installed products and the installation method. The results guarantee normally covers your actual results. If you still have a pigeon problem in a treated area, although rare, we will remedy the problem free of charge. However, most bird control installations, if left undisturbed, quite often will last longer than the actual guarantee.

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